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  • The magic drawing board: Physicists from Liege have succeeded in understanding and controlling the superconductivity of materials placed in a magnetic field.
  • Quantum superconducting nanowires: By mastering the fabrication process of aluminium nanowires, physicists have managed to precisely determine the limit beyond which the superconductivity of these wires is suppressed, even at a temperature close to absolute zero.
  • Boiling bubbles: A video by researchers at the University of Liege has been awarded a prize by the American Physical Society. In it, you can discover the strange behaviour of gas bubbles in a boiling liquid!
  • Drops on the networks: Is it possible to create microdroplets that contain several small droplets? Yes, but it’s no easy task. A young researcher managed to achieve this by using a fibre network.
  • Nano architects: Philippe Ghosez and his team have come up with two materials with exceptional properties. One might enter electronic devices of the future and the other new and “green” electric power generators.
  • The time according to atoms: ULg’s atomic physics unit and the company Gillam-FEi have recently developed an atomic clock. Why? To miniaturise these devices as much as possible in order to put them on the Galileo system’s satellites.
  • A new class of plastics: Researchers from Liege have discovered how to prepare innovative copolymers by controlling the stringing of monomers and by controlling their growth in length and structure. 

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