cermCERM (Center for Education and Research on Macromolecules) was founded in 1993 by Professor Philippe Teyssié, internationally recognized for discoveries in macromolecular design whose impact is still felt today in the European chemical industry sector. His successor Prof. Robert Jérôme carried on this successful combination of fundamental and applied research and developed novel research topics.

Today, this precious heritage lies in the hands of 4 teams led by 4 permanent scientists of complementary expertise working together in synergy inspired by the founder spirit:

  • Prof. Christine Jérôme, “honorary Research Associate” of the FRS-FNRS and “Professeur ordinaire” (full Professor) since 2013 in the Chemistry Department of the University of Liege, has developed her expertise in electropolymerization and biomaterials.
  • Dr Christophe Detrembleur, “Research Director” of the FRS-FNRS, is a specialist in controlled radical polymerization for the preparation of multifunctional polymers and in the valorisation of CO2 for the preparation of innovative materials (coatings and foams).
  • Dr Philippe Lecomte, “Research Associate” of the FRS-FNRS, is a specialist in degradable materials mainly obtained by ring-opening polymerization processes.
  • Dr Antoine Debuigne, “Research Associate” of the FRS-FNRS, is a specialist in controlled polymerization processes and emulsions.