• Innovative polymer materials
  • Soft Matter
  • Controling microstructure
  • Understanding materials properties from the atomic scale
  • Anticoherent spin states
  • Atomic laser cooling
Welcome to the CESAM web site

CESAM (Complex and Entangled Systems from Atoms to Materials) develops activities in fundamental and applied research, in the scientific fields between the physics and chemistry of materials and atomic and nuclear physics, including complex and soft matter physics. Through its member labs, the CESAM research unit (UR) integrates a coherent ensemble of expertises in both theory and experiment, favoring multidisciplinary approaches for systems going from individual atoms to the most complex of materials. 

In order to carry out its objectives in fundamental and applied research, the research unit is structured in 5 centers which focus on :
> Macromolecular chemistry
> Chemistry of inorganic materials
> Physics of soft matter and complex systems
> Atomic and nuclear physics
> Physics of quantum materials


Beyond their individual activities and fields of expertise, the centers collaborate in the development of several transversal research axes, in particular functional materials, granular matter, and quantum systems. 

The CESAM scientific community integrates three facets of research : theory and modelling, synthesis and fabrication, and experimental characterization.


We are grateful to all funding agencies that support our research, amongst which:

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PhD defense of Antoine DEWANDRE

The PhD defense of Antoine Dewandre will take place on Nov. 26, 2019 at 15h30, room R30, building B6d of the University of Liège, Belgium. The PhD thesis : "Theoretical investigation of the electronic, vibrational and transport properties of layered transition metal chalchogenides and their stacked heterostructures" is supervised by Matthieu Verstraete (Q-MAT, Nanomat Lab, CESAM, ULiege).

PhD defense of Urszula CZUBA

The PhD defense of Urszula Czuba will take place on Nov. 21, 2019 at 14h30, room A3, building B7b (at the "Petits Amphitheatres") of the University of Liège, Belgium. The PhD thesis : "Multifunctional titanium implant surfaces based on the attachment of natural biomolecules on catechol-rich plasma methacrylic thin films" is supervised by Christophe Detrembleur (CERM, CESAM, ULiege) and P. Choquet (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology).

Symposium : Ionization and ultrafast photoinduced dynamics in molecular systems

1) Tunnel ionization of molecules in intense laser fields : a new tool to investigate DNA strand breaks.By Prof. H. Kono (Tohoku University, Sendai) - Local 2.71, B6c 12h30

2) Novel nuclear quantum dynamics methods for tunneling and nonadiabatic transition. By Prof. M. Kanno (Tohoku University, Sendai) - Local 2.71, B6c 14h

3) Nuclear quantum effects in non adiabatic dynamics : simple illustration of the ultrafast pumped N2. By Dr K. Komarova (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) - Local 2.71, B6c, 14h45

PhD defense of Alexandre CESA

The PhD defense of Alexandre CESA will take place on Sept. 16, 2019 at 14h30  room  R30 (B6d) of the University of Liege,  Belgium. The PhDe thesis  : "Non-Markovianity with Pure Dephasing Environment and Quantum Information Processing with Rydberg Atoms" is supervised by J. Martin (IPNAS, CESAM, ULiege).

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