• Innovative polymer materials
  • Soft Matter
  • Controling microstructure
  • Understanding materials properties from the atomic scale
  • Anticoherent spin states
  • Atomic laser cooling
Welcome to the CESAM web site

CESAM (Complex and Entangled Systems from Atoms to Materials) develops activities in fundamental and applied research, in the scientific fields between the physics and chemistry of materials and atomic and nuclear physics, including complex and soft matter physics. Through its member labs, the CESAM research unit (UR) integrates a coherent ensemble of expertises in both theory and experiment, favoring multidisciplinary approaches for systems going from individual atoms to the most complex of materials. 

In order to carry out its objectives in fundamental and applied research, the research unit is structured in 5 centers which focus on :
> Macromolecular chemistry
> Chemistry of inorganic materials
> Physics of soft matter and complex systems
> Atomic and nuclear physics
> Physics of quantum materials


Beyond their individual activities and fields of expertise, the centers collaborate in the development of several transversal research axes, in particular functional materials, granular matter, and quantum systems. 

The CESAM scientific community integrates three facets of research : theory and modelling, synthesis and fabrication, and experimental characterization.


We are grateful to all funding agencies that support our research, amongst which:

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BIODEC  project - PROSTEM project -  LOCOTED project



PhD defense of Lionel PODLECKI

The PhD defense of Lionel Podlecki will be held  at 02:00 PM on October 14th, 2020. The thesis : "Laser cooling revisited - Standardized analytical treatment of the radiation pressure on multi-level atoms in arbitrary laser field configurations" is supervised by Thierry Bastin  (IPNAS, CESAM, ULiege).

Due to specific measures the lecture will be held on visioconference using Lifesize.

Salle : défense de thèse Lionel Podlecki

Adresse : https://call.lifesizecloud.com/5268131

access code : 4000#

Quantum Material Seminars : Hot electrons transport in devices combining tunnel and Schottky barriers

"Hot electrons transport in devices combining tunnel and Schottky barriers" by Dr Daniel LACOUR from the Institut Jean Lamour in Nancy (France).

You can follow the seminar via the Zoom link:
or on Twitch.TV
3 PhD defenses at GREENMAT

The PhD defenses of Stephane Caubergh, Nicolas Eshraghi and Thomas Jungers will take place on 17, 18 and 25 September. For details and connexion details, see here.

PhD defense of Michael Marcus SCHMITT

The PhD defense of Michael Marcus Nikolaus Schmitt will take place on Sept. 15. 2020 at 10h00. The PhD thesis :"First- and Second-Principles Studies of Perovskites"is supervised by Philippe Ghosez (Q-MAT, PhyTheMa, CESAM, ULiege).

Due to coronavirus pandemia and according to the institutional rules, the phD thesis will be held on Lifesize.

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